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Architecture 180


...some of my architecture designs.

The goal here was to take photographic images of our design in order to get the best shadow from natural sunlight.  We then rendered images on bristol board using mixed media to imitate our work constructed with the blocks.  I got an A for the prismacolor portion of the assignment and my instructor took photographs of it.

The experimental rendering is of a restaurant/ bar based on the design of the blocks.  It's name is Squiggles and features original artwork by Bridget Riley, a pop artist of the 70's.  I imagined it to be a pasta restaurant with a funky, modern theme and outdoor seating.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos

Block and Shadow
Plywood and wood blocks

Block Rendering
block render.jpg
Prismacolor Pencil on Bristol Board

Experimental Design
Pencil on Bristol Board

Closeup of front entrance

Pencil on Bristol Board

Closeup of Experimental

Golden Mean
Pen and Pencil on Vellum

The Golden Mean is said to be one of the most pleasing figures to the human eye. This rendering is a compilation of three figures based on the golden mean.  Various rendering techniques were used (fingerprints, rubbings, hatching) to create an original pattern.  I got an A on this assignment and a lot of great comments.

Paper Curls
Charcoal on Drawing Paper

This charcoal drawing was an exercise on light and shadows.  To make sure the shadows were correct, I took a digital image of actual curled paper under a spotlight placed at various angles.  I got an A on this assignment.

This was the final project for my second design course.  We were required to design a skinny library on a hill for our client, Ms. Piddlemont.  The color scheme she requested was to be done with primary colors, and no walls could be touching the outter walls.  South light was not allowed to directly hit the books and the north wall was to be all windows.  She possesed a Mark Rothko painting that she wanted incorporated into her design.  Goals:  To make a library that was practical on the outside, luxurious on the inside, and not too big for just one patron.  Three of the walls and the roof of the model needed to be removable.  I got an A on the assignment and the jury chose my design as the third best in the class. 

Ms. Piddlemont's Library

Interior Closeup

First Floor Plan
1st floor.jpg
Pencil on Bristol Board

Interior of Library

Section of Library
Pencil on bristol board

Pencil on Bristol Board

All of the displayed images belong to Lindsey Friedmann.  You must obtain permission to use these images.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

Lindsey Friedmann